What do You Learn at Beauty School?

If you want to attend beauty school, it is important to learn a few things before you take this plunge. The more that you learn about the long island beauty school, the easiest it becomes to make the right decision in your life and for your future. One of the most important pieces of information you probably want to know concerns the skills that you’ll learn in school.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every beauty school offers the same curriculum, teaching styles, quality, or teachers. It is essential that the time is taken to learn more about the area schools and which is the best of the bunch. Look for a beauty school that is licensed and certified by the state of New York and that has earned a good reputation from others in the community.

Most beauty schools teach their students four basic principles. Those principles are:

long island beauty school

1.    Science: Anatomy of the hair, nails, and skin is one of the first subjects students learn in beauty school, followed by chemicals. It’s important to understand anatomy and chemicals to ensure that you provide clients with services that benefit them rather than hurt them.

2.    Hair: Hair is one of the most common subjects taught at beauty school. Many people who complete school go on to work as beauticians or own their own shops.  You will learn more about the different shears, cutting techniques, and more.

3.    Nails: Most programs offer courses in nail care and design. You learn nail care techniques and tips through this training.

4.    Skin: You’ll learn skin care basics in beauty school. This includes how to perform facials, contouring and other special makeup effects, current trends, and more.

Once you’re finished with the required number of hours of coursework, you’ll take a state prep exam to earn certification to work as a cosmetologist in New York.