Unique Jewelry

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Gentlemen, when we do something to screw things up with our girlfriend or significant other, we often turn to jewelry to soothe the situation. However, everyone’s bought an expensive diamond ring or necklace before, and eventually we need to step up our game. So, why not try to buy some of these unique pieces instead?

First, there’s handwriting jewelry, because everyone can engrave a bracelet, but not everyone can get their personal writing style to show up on jewelry. With most jewelry services, you can send in a picture of your hand writing and they will print it and bond it to the surface of the metal. While the amount of words and lettering can be different depending on the jewelry, it can still be a great way to keep a phrase close to your heart.

Next, jewelry can be made out of coral reef parts, and while it is expensive, if the recipient of the gift loves the water then you can give them something special. Coral comes in many different colors and textures, and can be a very tropical gift that will make the other types of jewelry pale in comparison! You’ll have a lot of options for what type of look you want the coral to give, and you really can’t go wrong with unique jewelry new port richey fl options.

Finally, you can even take a lock of the girl’s hair and compress it into a diamond, or even turn the hair itself into a design for a bracelet or brooch. It’s certainly a unique way to go, but it’s not as new as most people might think. Instead it’s a tradition that goes back all the way to Victorian England and the history of jewelry. Once you pick out the type of jewelry you want, then watch the lady’s eyes light up when you give it to her!